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Born in South Africa but raised across Australia, the United States, Indonesia, and Ghana, one could say that when it comes to Sedem's identity it can seem a little…confusing.

But for Sedem, she’s always felt right at home taking on different roles. It's a part of who she is: a world citizen and visual storyteller with a deep love for photography, a passionate musical theatre actress, and an energetic Formula 1 pundit.

Sedem holds a Masters degree from New York University and is currently based in Sydney, Australia. When she’s not breaking into song while drafting emails, creating travel content, or co-hosting her Formula 1 podcast, Box Box Goss, Sedem can be found working on her afrobeats-inspired musical project, Sankofa, that dives into her third-culture roots set at the backdrop of pre-independent Ghana.

Her identity may be multi-faceted, but it's abundantly clear that Sedem is a woman with an ability to fully immerse herself into endeavors she truly cares about and bring her expressive and colourful voice to whatever she does.

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A few of Sedem's favorite things

Her Fujifilm X100F
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the wing of an airplane
A window seat
Boutique hotels
a building with solar panels
a person running on grass
The sound of an F1 engine
Doing scales from B to B flat
a person looking through a circular light

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