box box goss

A Formula 1 Podcast

a group of people posing for the camera

Meet Box Box Goss, a new podcast dedicated to spilling the tea on all things Formula 1. Hosted by three fabulous Black sisters and their wonderful friend/referee, Box Box Goss invites all to look at the fun side of the serious sport of Formula 1.

Sedem is one of the co-hosts of the Box Box Goss along with her sisters, Afi-Shika and Aseye and friend Selim! As a part of the show, Sedem manages the show’s Instagram and invites guests to be on the show.

Box Box Goss’s guests have included F1 aerodynamic expert Bryson Sullivan, Nyasha from the QuickStop F1 podcast, and Kate & Nicole from Two Girls One Formula.

So come on in and pit for some gossip with Box Box Goss F1: think motorsport banter with the gossip of the Wendy Williams show. 💕